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(More logo samples in my paper archives).


I 1992-93 laget jeg de første digitale versjoner av Riksvåpenet etter Sverre Morkens anvisningerFirst digital (vector based) versions of Norway's official state emblem, after the paper originals of Sverre Morken at Norges Bank.

ODIN logo
1993: Logo for ODIN,
the Government's database of official documents on the web.

Programbladet logo

1986: Programbladet, logo for weekly TV guide of the NRK (Norwegian public broadcasting).

1991: Statens Forvaltningstjeneste
(Government administration services) - a simple logo for use in print ads, letterheads etc. In smaller sizes without the long name. It was meant to have the feeling of a stamp.

2004: Monogram of Princess Ingrid Alexandra, after a sketch by H.M. Queen Margrethe of Denmark

Link to VG's presentation of the event and the monogram

(The picture is linked from Norway's biggest newspaper. The press was supposed to remove it after April 19, but if you can see it, it's still there.)

Picture linked from VG's website

2002: Wedding monogram of Princess Märtha Louise and Ari Behn.

About the wedding and monogram from NRK's website.

Low-res rendering from NRK

2001: Wedding monogram of H.R.H. Crown Prince Haakon and Mette-Marit Tjessem Høiby
After a sketch by H.M. Queen Margrethe of Denmark.

This is the official version used in the media (from the graphic design manual) - in addition there were colour- and b/w versions (non-public).

2001: Monogram of Crown Princess Mette-Marit.

(Not shown here, due to agreement)

1997: The Royal Arms (Kongevåpenet).

Redesign with a new lion and crown. I made this in co-operation with prof. Th. Thiis-Evensen and Nils Aas. My part was the lion and the St. Olav chain.

(A small version is shown on the startpage of the royal website kongehuset.no)

1995 - 97: Personal monograms of the Royal Family,

made after paper drawings by prof. Th. Thiis-Evensen. I made the digital versions for various sizes and colour combinations.

(Not shown here)
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